I started with silk screen printing in Finland in 2010, it became my profession few months later and during that period I came up with the Groovink project.
Groovink is about screen printing illustrations with water based inks on high quality and fairly produced  textiles with care and in few copies. Some of the designs are mine and some are from other people joining the project; in every product you'll find a printed label with the name of the designer and his contacts. In this way we promote the designers leaving their name always connected to their works.  

At Groovink the production process is all taken care in a studio in the centre of Helsinki. Once the blank textiles are delivered, they get printed, stored and packaged for delivery. In the same studio we also have photoshoots for the web page.



We believe that taking care of every single part of the production process is crucial to offer high quality products at an affordable price, and that's our aim. 

The studio is open to visitors by appointment: if you are interested into screen printing or you want to get something printed, feel free to contact us and set an appointment.
This website is not only our products webshop but also tries to explain our way of printing and creating quality products locally. 

Hope you will enjoy using Groovink products at least as much as we enjoy making them!

Gabriele Marotta