Talented illustrators are not always familiar with the screen printing techniques. At Groovink we try to give a new life to some of their designs through our passion for screen printing: every design is a story of its own and requires a special treatment to get printed.

In all of our products there is a printed label with the name of the designer and the contact she/he decides to share to be reached. This customized printed label will last in the product as long as the print itself and will help the illustrator to be contacted as long as the work will last, that's why we preferr it to a more simple but less durable detachable label.

In the website for every featured product you'll find few words about the illustrations and about the designers with a link to jump to their portfolio. Designers are paid commissions for every sold piece.

We are always open to new projects so if you think you got something that would suite the line share your idea with us!