Enrol in our screen printing workshops with sustainable approach! We host hand pulled screen printing courses with water based inks in our printing studio in Punavuori, a district in the hearth of Helsinki.

Our screen printing with water based inks course will clarify how this technique works, for what kind of projects it makes sense and what are its limits and its strengths; it will also explain the sustainable practices we put in place while printing to minimise our impact on the environment. 

The course is intended for complete beginners who are approaching this subject for the very first time but also for professionals who are looking forward to go deeper into the handling of water based inks.

The course group will be formed keeping in mind the expertise level of the participants and the content of the course will slightly vary accordingly.

At the moment you can enrol for two courses:

  • 3 days, 4,5 hours per day (plus 30 minutes break in between) recommended for beginners who have never approached this technique and for those who may have tried it already but want to consolidate their skills.

  • 1 day, full immersion, 8 hours (plus 1 hour break in between) recommended for participants who have already clear at some level how does this technique work and who want to improve their skills with water based inks handling and for professionals who want to improve their water based inks printing routine.

If you have any questions or you want to ask for an offer use our contact form or write us at info@groovink.com